Why this Blog?

In last two decades or so, the world has changed much and so has India. The new dynamics have modified India’s world view just as much as the world’s view towards India has changed.

However, in recent years there has been a renewed vigour on part of Indians to see their country more proactive on international stage. Changes in domestic politics have nurtured these feelings just as much as these feelings have helped those changes take place.

Today there is immense appetite and to an extent, even need for innovative ideas within the Indian people and society at large. I have been extremely fortunate to be living in such times. My natural affinity to knowledge, information and ideas coupled with my love for my land have drawn me into a sea of ideas, observation, knowledge, information and perspectives coming from a wide range of people active in various domains of public life. My introduction to these public discourse have brought many new insights and streams of thoughts to me ranging into politics, society, economics, geo-politics, spirituality, science, technology, innovation and so on and so forth.

This blog is an effort on my part to express all these insights, observations, thoughts; reactions and comments; and ideas to the world. It is intended as an archive of the ideas and views that will benefit the readers to see the world in more holistic and complete manner along with different aspects of realities of world. I hope it would be stimulating and thought provoking.